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  1. Core drilling
    Core drilling
    Core drilling can be done on concrete, brick, pavement, and rock. We can core drill 5/8" diameter up to 36" and as deep as needed.
  2. Slab sawing
    Slab sawing
    Slab sawing can be performed on concrete, asphalt, rock, and brick. Our saws include 480 electric for inside cutting, no emissions, Gas 60hp, diesel saw great for deep sawing, and propane.
  3. Wall sawing
    Wall sawing
    Wall sawing can be performed on concrete, brick, asphalt, and rock. We can cut on walls, floors, or most any hard surfaces.
  4. spokane concrete cutting hand sawing
    Hand sawing
    Concrete Cutters Inc. can perform this service on concrete, asphalt, brick and rock. We use hydraulic 20" diamond blade saws, capable of cutting up to 8" deep from one side.
  5. Haul off
    Haul off
  6. Chain sawing
    Chain sawing
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